In our hospital, we have succesfully treated patients from all around the world: UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, USA, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Nigeria...even New Zealand!

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Detox 5: Drug detoxification treatment in 5 days

Detoxification from narcotics is the first step in solving the problem of addiction

Drug detox peparation

That is a very important point. For controlled, fast and comfortable detoxification the patient must be prepared for treatment.

He has to comply with the all necessary conditions required for NET protocol ( Neuro electric therapy drug treatment ) .

Drug detoxification process

During the treatment the patient stays in hospital strictly following the house rules and doctor’s indications.

Once the patient starts demonstrating the withdrawal symptoms, he immediately receives medications and Nero Jet Therapy (N.E.T) device is switched on. In a matter of 15-20 minutes the abstinent symptoms disappear.

Drug detox equipment

We use portable computer controlled Neuro Jet nerve stimulators of the fifth generation. Neuro Jet is a small electronic device, which may be put in a belt bag easily.

During the first few days of treatment the patient must wear the device constantly 24 hours. After the third night he may sleep without device and use it only in case if the symptoms of withdraw show up.

Drug detox clinic

Our Clinic is located in two buildings with different regimes, rules and regulations. These are the clinic center and rehabilitation center.

The patients who need constant medical observation stay in clinic building which is fully equipped with the monitors and diagnostic-therapeutic devices: respirators, oxygen machines, machines for programmed medicine administration and etc.

Detoxification and reduction of withdrawal symptoms

more than 5 000 patients helped in 12 years

Blood and organs cleansing

We clean the body with infusions and medicines selected to a particular narcotic. We carry out the procedure of opioid detoxification and intravenous blood irradiation.

We use individual therapy to restore normal function of organs which were affected by narcotics.

Reduction of withdrawal symptoms

We practice individual approach to every patient to reduce the withdrawal symptoms according to the type of narcotics, duration of drug abuse, risk factors.

We are doing our best to make the first days of the treatment painless.

Addiction treatment

Painless. In conjunction with pharmacological treatment

To beat the addiction we use unique treatment methods of N.V.Vorobiev which influence the whole brain and not just it's separate parts.

Thanks to these methods we eliminate negative experience from the past, sensation of pleasure connected with narcotics.

Instead, while thinking about drugs, the patient has a feeling of fear, disgust. Self-preservation instinct lost during the period of addiction is being renewed.

We eliminate anxiety, nausea and tremor.
We renew "pleasure centers".
We replace negative memories with the positive ones.
We revitalize memory and attention.
We help patients make strong decisions to stop with narcotics forever.

Free of charge - Implant for 2 months

  • FREE of charge

    Implant for 2 months. (usual price is 400e)

    Our staff will greet you at the airport, and transfer you to the Clinic. After your treatment, we will drive you back to the airport.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Return ticket

    Flight from Heathrow - from 250€
    Flight from Manchester - from 320€
    Flight from Glasgow - from 320€
  • IRELAND: Return ticket

    Flight from Dublin - from 300€
  • Immediately

    For the patients from abroad germany, austria, switzerland, UK, USA)admmision to the clinic its possible immediately.
  • Contact

    You can get more information by telephone from our psychologist!
Advantages of treatment abroad
  • Environmental change

    Relocating from a place that your brain associates addiction with and getting out of your routine is very beneficial. You surroundings may fuel your drug addiction. Once you establish a strong base and get a fresh start, you can focus on yourself and be with people that have the same goal as you.
  • Different approach

    Being in another country and culture may open your eyes to a different view of addiction and help you realize things you were unable to see before. New ways of treatment and different system of curing addiction may be what you need in order to succeed.
  • No accessibility to old contacts

    When you’re far away from people that connects you to your old habits, temptation decreases as well.
  • Commitment and motivation

    When you decide to travel for your treatment, level of commitment to fight off relapse becomes even higher.
  • Travel experience

    The travel itself can become sort of a spiritual journey. Your decisiveness to “go a long way” to get rid of your addiction can cement your ambition for successful treatment.
  • Location

    Europe, Serbia, Belgrade
    Zemun, Sremskih boraca 2e

Six Steps to recovery

  • 1

    Phone of e-mail consultation

    +44 330 777 1482,
    + 12 028 005 689,
    + 30 210 300 9937,
    + 359 24 951 552,
    + 386 82 803 791,
    + 381 11 4418 350,
    24h / 7 days a week

    Our operators will answer all your questions, inquire about the nature of addiction and prepare that data for admission. They will organiza a free shuttle to the clinic from the airport.

  • 2

    Examination by a Narcology experts

    Medical team diagnosis

    After arrival, we will conduct a through examination including ECG, biochemical blood analysis, urine testing, psychiatrist examination. These test help our medical team form the best possible treatment program based on patients general physical and psychological health and history of addiction

  • 3

    Creating a treatment program

    Treatment program course
    Price of treatment

    Based on data collected in the diagnostics step, our medical experts will decide on the course, duration and price of the treatment.

  • 4

    Hospitalization and detoxification

    Removing physiological dependence
    Easing withdrawal symptoms

    Immediately after admission we can start flushing harmful substances out of patients body. Depending on the severity, this stage lasts from 2 to 5 days. Withdrawal process is under the control of addiction psychiatrists and anesthetists to avoid pain and other possible complications of withdrawal.

  • 5

    Psychological addiction treatment

    Acting on the cause of addiction
    Removing psychological dependence

    Wher a patient's body is clean from the substance, we begin our work on cravings and causes of addiction. Psychotherapy, physiotherapy, regeneration therapy, education therapy and aversion therapy help the patient overcome his addiction and create aversion toward the substance.

  • 6

    Discharge and anti-relapse support

    12 months of anti-relapse support

    After discharge from the clinic, patients continue to be treated against possible recidivism. they remain in contact with the doctors and receive assistance at any time should a sign of a problem manifest itself.

24 000 patients treated since 1990

  • 100%

    of the patients feel much better after the treatment and without withdrawal symptoms

  • 99%

    of the patients bstain from narcotics use after the discharge from the hospital

  • 86%

    of the patients never relaps

Treatment methods in Dr Vorobiev's Clinic

We formulate recovery program individually for each patient

We cure consequences
  • Detoxification

    We use pharmacological, non-pharmacological and biological methods of detoxification.
  • Xenon gas therapy

    We eliminate pain, panic attacks, treat depression, improve perception and memory.
  • Recovery of the body

    We normalize the work of brain and nervous system.
We win the cause
  • Aversion therapy

    Creates disgust and fear of narcotics. We protect against relapse.
  • Elimination of cravings

    We eliminate the cravings to narcotics and choose individual treatment.
  • Unique methods

    We influence the whole brain, not just parts of it, create constant disgust to narcotics in patient memory.

Our staff

Doctors with minimum 15 years of work experience

All Specialists

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