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Patient is in state of complete anesthesia during rapid detox which the organism is cleansed from toxins…

rapid drug detoxDefinition of opioids is that they are all substances, regardless whether their origin is herbal or artificial, whose common property is to induce euphoria which leads to psychological addiction and, in the first place and above all, they block the feeling of pain. Opioids are legal medications used in medicine as an integral part of anesthesia, in the process of quick removal and alleviation of pain, and as a substitution, i.e. alternative therapy most often in cases of detoxification and overcoming drug addiction. Most famous opioids are morphine, codeine, tramadol, vicodin, methadone, substitol, and even combined analgetics such as extremely popular caffetin for headaches. However, except for these medicaments, opioids also heroin, opium, desomorphine. Therefore, opioids are medications, but they are «poisons» as well if not used properly. And when they becone «poison» and when the body becomes poisoned by them, it is necessary to heal it. And everything begins, of course, by rapid detox so the organism could be freed from toxins and become sober, which is the prerequisite for further treatment.


Withdrawal syndromes and crisis during the process of ultra rapid opioid detoxification are painful and very unpleasant, since the body during the consumation of certain substances gets used to their particular effects which cause psychological addiction and physical consequences, so by cancellation of those substances the body really finds itself in state of suffering and pain. Time of duration of apstinential crisis may vary and it depends, in the first place, on the type of opioid used, taken quantities, duration of consumation and way of consumation. For, not all the drugs are same, they do not induce same effects, and they are not cleansed in the same way from the body. Some are more easily ousted and survived, while for the others a significant amount of time and effort is necessary. As an example, the usual crisis after taking heroin lasts between 5 and 7 days, while the withdrawal crisis after methadone or substitol can last up to 30 days. These facts, that ultra rapid opioid detoxification is painful and often long-lasting, most often lead to failure and giving up on the side of the patient, and they have brought about that modern science takes seriously into hands methods and techniques of treating addiction diseases in order to come up with the most efficient means to truly help these difficult patients, to get them cured, but that the treatment be conducted in a most humane way, as fast, and with as little pain and suffering possible. Because, among other things, these facts are the key for an addict to perseveres in the struggle against the daemons of drugs. As in time body becomes more and more immune to the effects of opioids, addicts not only increase the doses, but also consume several narcotics at the same time and make some extremely dangerous combinations with alcohol as well in order to obtain the strongest and best possible effect of what they are used to. All this complicates the process of detoxification and treatment, so the methods of treatment had to be adjusted to these extremely severe states of individual patients.

Rapid drug detox center

Rapid detox clinicOne of the most modern methods used in clinics for treating addiction diseases, such as Dr Vorobiev Clinic, is so-called ultra rapid detoxification which is applied in extremely difficult cases of withdrawal crisis. What is characteristic of rapid detox is that the patient is in state of complete anesthesia during which the organism is cleansed from toxins, and that makes this method very special, and the procedure is conducted only by specially trained teams of doctors and medical staff. Method of rapid drug detox is prescribed individually, by careful choice of patients who truly need this kind of detoxification. The method of rapid drug detox comprises following elements: detailed diagnostics and preparing the patient for anesthesia, introducing the subject into state of anesthesia, protection of the whole organism and all the organs from possible complications during the intervention and non-stop monitoring of the patient’s state, prevention of withdrawal crisis symptoms and any unpleasantness during the process of cleansing of organism (e.g. throwing up), cleansing of cells by special medications and in the end gradual awakening of the patient accompanied by incessant monitoring and prevention of any residual apstinential symptoms.

After this procedure, the patient is exhausted and sleepy for a short period of time, but his strength is back in several hours so the consequences are not aggressive. What needs to be pointed out is that ultra-rapid detoxification gives excellent results in cleansing the organism and removing unpleasant painful symptoms of crisis, but it cannot heal the addict fully, since the detoxification is only the first step on that road. The next one is, of course, psychotherapy, since drugs do not cause only physical, but also very strong psychological addiction, and the psychological crisis is in most cases the biggest problem in the process of treatment and one of most common cause of returning to this deadly habit.

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