Heroin detox

A man once said:

«Heroin is a drug that affects body, but favors soul. Cruelly it takes away your dignity and humiliates the soul with words ‘And what will you do for me today, slave?’»

PAINLESS HEROIN DETOX is the first and most important step in the process of overcoming drug addiction

Heroin detox  isn’t the complete therapy, but the first step in the healing process.

Heroin detoxification is first step

heroin detoxification clinicThe first step in the process of giving up with the drug is heroin detoxification. It is a process where the body is cleansed from heroin and afterwards the system becomes «clean». Detoxification alleviates the symptoms of withdrawal crisis while the patient is getting used to state without drugs. Detoxification is not the complete treatment, but it is the first step in the healing process. For most drug-addicts who use heroin the process of detoxification is the most frightening part of overcoming drug addiction, for it consists of renouncement, pain and suffering because of something that caused them pleasure for a long time. How hard this process is we will illustrate by a simple example that will in a most vivid way show the hardships of this kind of giving up a habit. Do you like chocolate? Do you eat it every day? Do you know that it adds weight and has harmful effects is consumed too much and too often? You know. And then you find out that chocolate is detrimental to your health and that you have to give it up. How hard is it to avoid the temptation of «only one piece and I won’t take any more, I promise»? And it is still food that cannot be compared to heroin or any other opiate according to harmfulness. And it is still very hard to give it up. Well, now you can grasp how difficult is giving up substances that cause true addiction because they physiologically affect the processes in brain and body which have baleful influence on whole organism. Because of that, a great number of addicts abandons the idea or doesn’t want to start with the process of giving up at all, knowing that it comprises cleansing and abstinence that in their case causes real pain, both physical and psychological. Therefore, efficient ways of painless heroin detoxification have emerged that help to cleanse the organism from heroin and overcome abstinential syndrome, crisis (withdrawal syndrome) without pain and suffering. These methods and therapies are devised with the aim of increasing the percentage of those who will persist in the struggle against this vicious drug.

Heroin addiction

Heroin addictionHeroin is the substance that causes the strongest addiction and it is therefore at the top of the list of vicious drugs that can cause death. Heroin addiction induces long-lasting and devastating consequences for brain, because, when injected or sniffed, it goes to the brain where it is transformed into dopamine and attached to receptors in brain, and causes excitement, euphoria, feelings of pleasance and warmth. Simply, after intake of heroin the user feels nice. As the time goes by, the dopamine receptors become less sensitive which brings about the need for stronger and bigger doses of substance which can generate it, and that is heroin. In this way the doses of heroin are slowly but steadily increased because larger amounts are necessary in order to induce the synthesis of the same amount of dopamine and obtain the same effect from the beginning. One of the consequences of this process is the complete loss of body’s ability to synthesise dopamine by itself and the disbalance in natural synthesis of hormone of pleasure occurs. Thus a man becomes completely dependent on artificial sources of pleasure, since he has totally undermined his own natural mechanisms.

A single dose of heroin causes symptoms of euphoria that last from 4 to 6 hours, but the crisis after that single dose can last for 7 whole days. The crisis is not that strong in the beginning, however, is the perusing of heroin continues and if the doses are increased, withdrawal symptoms become stronger and more painful. Main crisis symptoms after the intake of heroin addiction are: insomnia, restlessness, muscle pain and running nose, and the symptoms of lasting drug abuse are diarrhea, strong pains and cramps in one’s back and extremities, depression, excessive sweating, tremor, fear.

The greatest obstacle in the process of giving up heroin is the addict’s psyche. The knowing that all the painful consequences vanish with taking only one dose of heroin. That is why giving up heroin is a long process where detoxification is the first step. The next one is: «How to overcome the psychological crisis?» and this is the reason why numerous addicts start with a serious psychotherapy  after detoxification.

Painless heroin detoxification process

quick drug detox methods

quick drug detox methods

Although it can sound illogical, some patients who are giving up heroin need other medicaments to help them along the road of detoxification. Medicaments are prescribed in regard to particular state of a patient with the aim of assuaging strong symptoms of pain and craving for opiate. Help of this kind is a motivation for addicts to endure, because if they sense that detoxification is possible without excessive suffering, they will more easily decide to stay in that process. One of those medicaments that are used in a detoxification process is clonidine which is good against insomnia, restlessness and headaches. However, it has to be stressed out that the use of these medicaments in the process of detoxification is prescribed only in extremely difficult cases, since the use of these medicaments cancel the effects of detoxification. For the processes of giving up these vicious substances give results in adequate clinics where competent personnel takes 24-hour care about every patient in his own right. For this reason the painless heroin detoxification is the first and most important step in the process of overcoming drug addiction because in that case the patients do not perceive people who help them as enemies who withhold pleasure and inflict pain, and the recidivation risk is lowered. Dr Vorobiev Clinic is specialised in these modern humane methods of painless heroin detoxification where the patient does not suffer neither physical nor psychological pain, he sleeps and eats normally, avoids depression and psychological crisis which is why the success rate of the treatment is high.

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