Cocaine detox

The goal of COCAINE DETOX is the cleansing of organism from all the traces of this dangerous drug.

Cocaine detoxCocaine is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant which grows in South America, and because of its properties of assuaging hunger and increasing endurance, native people chewed coca leaves as a source of energy when needed. Much later, these «positive» properties of coca have been abused and the plant was transformed into highly «valued» powder that brought enormous gain to the few and tragedy to others. Main properties of cocaine, which can be taken intravenously or by sniffing, are the raising of energy levels and self-confidence, and this drug stands apart from others because it causes extremely strong psychological addiction. When the user takes cocaine, this vicious drug almost momentarily causes changes in his body. What is characteristic of this drug is that its effects are not long-lasting, so the feeling of «elevation» that follows the intake of cocaine lasts between 15 and 60 minutes, which is a rather short period of pleasure for an addict. After the short euphoria follows the sudden depression and sullenness, and that state of general apathy lasts significantly longer than the «positive» consequences of cocaine. The short-termed effects of cocaine often leads the users to the wrong conclusion that the consequences of cocaine are also short-termed, i.e. that drug is no longer present in the body since its effects are not perceived. And that is, of course, wrong, since the fact that the effects of the drug are no longer felt does not mean that is has vanished from the body and that there are no harmful consequences after the official effect is gone. The truth is that the consequences of cocaine on human organism are present long after the inebriation it causes. Without cocaine detox, products of cocaine dissolvment linger in blood and urine for 2-3 days after the taking of the drug.

Cocaine addiction symptoms

cocaine effectCocaine addiction causes long-lasting consequences and changes in brain, central and peripheral nervous system which after the using of cocaine slowly but certainly become incapable of autonomously producing some hormones, such as noradrenaline, seratonine and dopamine, so the cocaine user is «forced» to use drug in order to feel happy and fulfilled. It is absurd and paradoxical that what makes them «happy» is actually killing that which their body can produce on its own in a healthy and natural way, and thus cocaine ascends the «throne» called pleasure. After a certain time of using this drug, the addicts can no longer be happy if it is absent from their bodies. Cocaine shrinks the blood vessels and decreases the flow and inflow if blood to brain. It damages bigger and smaller blood vessels and generally decreases the amount of oxygen necessary for normal functioning of organism. The research has shown that cocaine addiction has negative influence on concentration, memory and mental abilities. It has been also ascertained that this drug influences part of the brain in charge of our self-control, so the people using this opiate have serious problems with behavior, decision reaching and controlling their needs which can have fatal consequences in sociopsychological relations as well.

Detoxification from cocaine


The goal of detoxification from cocaine is the cleansing of organism from all the traces of this dangerous drug. For most of the patients this process of cocaine detoxification lasts several days. It is a natural process that the body can do by itself, without the help of medicaments. However, if it were that simple, there would not be clinics specialized particularly for treating addiction diseases. The process of detoxification from cocaine and treating the cocaine addiction has to be conducted in adequate institutions and clinics because the treatment is hard, complicated and long-lasting. Cocaine detoxification is inseparable from appropriate psychotherapy which has to teach the patient  how to live without cocaine, i.e. how to LIVE again. When the brain realizes there is no more drug which kept it in a certain state for a longer period of time, the consequences that are neither pretty nor enjoyable are inevitable. Some of the symptoms in the process of detoxification can be treated with medicaments, but most of them cannot be, unless there is competent help and supervision.

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