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Rapid opiate detox

True story patient from UK, pass rapid opiate detox treatment Rapid opiate detox is painless and fast process. Ultra rapid opiate detox patient from UK Patient from Perth, Australia. 48yo. Heroin and Crystal Meth addiction for 20 years. The main problem is strong physical and psychological dependence on heroin. Had few unsuccessful treatments before. Passed ultra rapid opiate […]

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Detox from methadone

Detox from methadone, true experience, patient from Italy, pass the program for detox from methadone. Methadone detox, patient from europe Methadone detox and addiction. The patient passed methadone detox treatment in our drug detox clinic. Methadone detoxification clinic change his life, true story Patient: Hi guys, I am from Italy, I live there, but I am not Italian […]

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Heroin detoxification patient from UK

Heroin detoxification treatment for patient from Nigeria, true story Problems with heroin, daily dose 1 g smoking, male 42 years old, decided to get heroin detoxification treatment  in Serbia. True heroin detox story from UK patient The patient is satisfied with the results of heroin detox. Did not have withdrawal syndrome, pains, cold turkey, after the heroin detox […]

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Detox from narcotics

Detox from narcotics is the first step in solving the problem of addiction. It is a very important phase of healing process. In many cases a human life depends on the way his body and psyche get released from narcotics. The essence is the fact that during a long-term regular usage of the narcotics many […]

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What you should do after drug detox

After drug detox, body needs rest and recovery. There is no sense to plan to go to work out immediately, to return to a set of old problems. After drug detox treatment we recommend our patients to go to see their parents or relatives who live in a remote peaceful area, somewhere in a country side. […]

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How to avoid craving for drugs, insomnia, mood swings? How to avoid relapse?

Some patients feel unable to resist the temptation to use drugs again … So before the patient leaves the clinic, we assess the level anxiety/depression, craving for drugs, analyze his motivation for sober life, evaluate the potential risks of relapse and suggest the counter measures. If necessary, we recommend the patients to undergo therapy against craving […]

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What is drug detoxification ?

We can offer you different  alcohol and drug detoxification programs for drug and alcohol dependence Drug Detoxification is a treatment process required to overcome the condition caused by drug withdrawal. Regular and prolonged use of opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines and other addictive substances seriously undermines metabolic processes in patient’s body.  It results  in neurotransmitter imbalance and  dysfunction […]

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Drug detox experience true stories

Patients from all over the world, 20 years of drug detox experience [tubepress thumbHeight=’105′ thumbWidth=’135′] True stories

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Drug detox center and rehabilitation

Drug detox center for addiction treatment. Drug detox center programs  for drug and alcohol dependence. Drug rehabilitation clinic Our Drug Rehabilitation Clinic is located in two buildings with different regimes, rules and regulations. These are the clinic center and rehabilitation center. The patients who need constant medical observation stay in clinic building which is fully equipped with the monitors […]

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Drug detox rehab hospital staff

Our staff is a team of professionals with 20 years of experience Our drug detox rehab hospital has a team of professionals from different medical specialties. All the doctors are board certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10-25 years of experience. For the whole period of drug detox rehab treatment the patients are under constant doctor-nurse observation 24 hours around. […]

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