Crack cocaine detox treatment

Cocaine detox for patient from England, true story

Patient from UK started smoking drugs while he was at school. During his college days started smoking acid tabs and  at the same time smoking marijuana, then he moved on to mixture alcohol, marijuana,  and acid and slowly in the late of eighties heroin came to England scene. Experience with smoking crack cocaine. Went to three rehabs in England,  tried to get rid of drugs. Past rapid cocaine detox in our clinic and got naltrexone implant. In the future  the patient plans  to remain clean, mainly for his family.

Ultra rapid cocaine detox and naltrexone implant

Patient from England, past ultra rapid detox and got naltrexone implant.

We have patients from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Bedford, Manchester,  Newcastle, Glasgow,  Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham, Southampton, and also from Austria, Italy, Bulgaria,  Hungary, Poland, Germany, Greece, and from USA, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arizona, Houston, Massachusetts, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Louisiana …

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