How to avoid craving for drugs, insomnia, mood swings? How to avoid relapse?

How to avoid craving for drugsSome patients feel unable to resist the temptation to use drugs again … So before the patient leaves the clinic, we assess the level anxiety/depression, craving for drugs, analyze his motivation for sober life, evaluate the potential risks of relapse and suggest the counter measures. If necessary, we recommend the patients to undergo therapy against craving for drugs, to do Ibogaine treatment or to get 2-3 month Naltrexone implant.

Drug addiction as a disease

Drug addiction is a multifactorial disease. Some patients after completion the main part of detoxification need to continue treatment with the maintenance therapy. Their opioid receptors are free from opioids, chromatographic test shows the absence of opioids in a body, but they are still not ready to go home. Some of these patients have long history of drug addiction; some are diagnosed with a bipolar disorder shown in anxiety, depression or panic attacks.

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Naltrexone implant







Ibogaine therapy

Naltrexone treatment


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