Methadone detox treatment success stories

Methadone detox process for patient from Italy

Patient from Italy with Methadone addiction for almost 20 years, daily dose 50 mg per day. Tried self-medication and few medical methadone detox treatments at different clinics and wasn’t satisfied with the results. Past fast and comfortable methadone detoxification in our clinic.

Ibogaine therapy for psychological addiction

Stayed in our clinic for two weeks, did ibogaine therapy and received naltrexone implant as well. His mind is absolutely blocked out of drugs. Ibogaine therapy helped him to solve his problem with psychological addiction.

Center for methadone detox under sedation

We have patients from all over the world: Liverpool, UK, Sheffield, Bedford, Manchester, Birmingham , London , Newcastle , Glasgow, Brighton, Leeds , Nottingham , Southampton , and also from Hungary, Poland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, and from USA, Houston, Massachusetts, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arizona, Boston, Chicago, Louisiana …..


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