Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

IBOGAINE treatment completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms from opiates.

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction also gets rid of cravings for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol.

What is ibogaine ?

Ibogaine is a unique substance originating from a plant which efficiently blocks psychological addiction. There are many cases of large numbers of addicts trying unsuccessfully to get cured (communes, detoxifications, narconon, psychotherapy, substitutional therapy, church, etc.) After an ibogaine session, the addicts lost interest in narcotics and started a new life.There is a half-mystical theory about great power of spiritual growth, about cult spiritual power of ibogaine which has been used in Africa in religious rites for a long time. There are also well organised scientific researches NIDA, EMCDDA which have proved the influence of ibogaine on neurobiological foundations of narcotics addiction. Ibogaine abolishes psychological craving better than any other known way. With some patients that are highly motivated to get cured, ibogaine can, accompanied by necessary psychological preparation, evoke desire to completely change their lives, to correct all the mistakes they have made and to start over. This happens when a person fights the addiction for years, makes decisions, but continues to behave in the same old way. Suddenly, he finds a way out and realises that a life without narcotics is possible. That is the spiritual rebirth after ibogaine, mental reset. Second part of the positive effects of ibogaine is neurochemical. Under its influence numerous brain structures begin to work properly, mediator “storm” is gone and patient does not feel any desire for narcotics. The therapy has certain contraindications and risks and it is necessary to conduct it after previously performed diagnosis, detoxification and reduces pharmacotherapy, in order to lower the risk of undesirable side effects. During the procedure the monitoring and supervision of a psychologist is necessary. After the ibogaine therapy it is necessary to estimate the result and make the plan for further rehabilitation.

Ibogaine treatment with patient from Europe.

Ibogaine detoxification treatment experience patient from Europe

Patient from Toronto passed opiate detoxification and Ibogaine detoxification treatement. Goes home with hope. 31yo. Addiction on Oxycontin for years, The daily dose is up to 400mg intravenously.

I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’ve had addiction for 10 years with opiates, Oxycontin, Dalada, Morphine.
Oxycontin was my main drug. I was doing about 400 to 600mg a day and I had a very, very difficult last ten years of my life. I’ve been to many treatments all the way from California to Europe and this is by far the most, best clinic I’ve ever been in my life. The doctors are great, the staff is great, the food is great, very clean atmosphere. I had no problems. I first went through detoxification and it went smoothly, it lasted two days for me and I woke up and felt great. The doctors were there. I felt safe, as well as then I still had to go on with my treatment and I went with the procedure with ibogaine. I was looking on the internet about it and I was skeptical to see what is it all about. I did the procedure and after the procedure, just it was amazing, the feeling after that procedure! I’ll just never use drugs again.
So, like I said, this treatment, Dr Vorobiev is one of a kind. That’s all I can really tell you. I would really recommend it for everybody to come. If you are hooked on opiates, especially if you are from North America, you know how it is to detox. Come here! Detoxification, you don’t feel a thing. The therapy is here amazing, the staff, everything, the food. Like I said before, everything was great.

In our ibogaine detoxification treatment facilities, we have patient from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, Bedford, Glasgow, Canada, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Toronto, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, USA, Austria, Poland …


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