Drug detox rehab hospital staff

Our staff is a team of professionals with 20 years of experience

Our drug detox rehab hospital has a team of professionals from different medical specialties. All the doctors are board certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10-25 years of experience.

For the whole period of drug detox rehab treatment the patients are under constant doctor-nurse observation 24 hours around.

All staff speaks Serbian, Russian and English language. To provide better communication with the patients who don’t speak these languages the interpreter service is available.  For patients coming from abroad we provide transferring service  from airport and bus station. Clinic has its own kitchen, laundry, security and transport services.

Detox clinic

Totally detox clinic employs 30 people. Clinic for heroin detoxification.

Drug detox rehab Detox clinic Detox clinic treatment

Drug detox rehab hospital staff

If you have any questions about our addiction treatment programs , contact us for free consultation. 

You can call us:  +44 330 777 1482.
Vorobiev detox clinic is open to patients from all over the world, suffering from alcoholism and all kind of drug addiction. We helped thousands of patients from all over the world : UK, London, Bedford, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Southampton, and also from Usa, Poland, Germany,  Austria, Bulgaria, Italy,  Hungary, Greece, 

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Highest international standarts of modern addiction medicine. Patients from all over the world, 20 years of experience. http://www.heroindetoxeurope.com/
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