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Benefits of drug addiction treatment abroad

Should you travel for drug addiction treatment ? Some effective treatments might not be available in your country and/or are not professionally performed. Our clinic employs experts (narcologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrist, psychologists etc.) with decades of experience in addiction treatment. With their knowledge and modern medical equipment, they will monitor patient’s condition every step of the way. It […]

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Rapid detox

Patient is in state of complete anesthesia during rapid detox which the organism is cleansed from toxins… Definition of opioids is that they are all substances, regardless whether their origin is herbal or artificial, whose common property is to induce euphoria which leads to psychological addiction and, in the first place and above all, they […]

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Cocaine detox

The goal of COCAINE DETOX is the cleansing of organism from all the traces of this dangerous drug. Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant which grows in South America, and because of its properties of assuaging hunger and increasing endurance, native people chewed coca leaves as a source of energy when needed. […]

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Tramadol detox

Anesthesia assisted tramadol detox is only the initial step in recovery from tramadol addiction Tramadol detox is only the first step in recovery. Tramadol (publically perhaps better known as trodon) is a strong synthetically analgetic prescribed in case of strong pains after surgical interventions or various kinds of severe injuries, tumors or infarcts. Unfortunately, this medicine belongs […]

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Heroin detox

A man once said: «Heroin is a drug that affects body, but favors soul. Cruelly it takes away your dignity and humiliates the soul with words ‘And what will you do for me today, slave?’» PAINLESS HEROIN DETOX is the first and most important step in the process of overcoming drug addiction Heroin detox  isn’t the complete therapy, but […]

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Crack cocaine detox treatment

Cocaine detox for patient from England, true story Patient from UK started smoking drugs while he was at school. During his college days started smoking acid tabs and  at the same time smoking marijuana, then he moved on to mixture alcohol, marijuana,  and acid and slowly in the late of eighties heroin came to England […]

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Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

IBOGAINE treatment completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms from opiates. Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction also gets rid of cravings for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol. What is ibogaine ? Ibogaine is a unique substance originating from a plant which efficiently blocks psychological addiction. There are many cases of large numbers of addicts trying unsuccessfully to get cured (communes, detoxifications, narconon, psychotherapy, […]

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Quick drug detox without withdrawal symptoms uk

Quick drug detox and painless detoxification treatment, patient experience Patient is under anesthesia during quick drug detox. Crack and heroin – Fast drug detox procedures without withdrawal symptoms I’m addicted to crack and heroin. I think that these things will make me more confident and happy but it didn’t. And they destroy my relationship with everyone around […]

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Subutex crack cocaine and heroin detox

Subutex and heroin detox treatment for patient from UK Young lady from England, 29 years old, started using drugs at 17, progressed on crack cocaine and heroin at 21. Experience with methadone and subutex. Methadone was horrible to come off, and subutex reacted very badly with her. Two unsuccessful detoxes in England as well as […]

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Methadone detox treatment success stories

Methadone detox process for patient from Italy Patient from Italy with Methadone addiction for almost 20 years, daily dose 50 mg per day. Tried self-medication and few medical methadone detox treatments at different clinics and wasn’t satisfied with the results. Past fast and comfortable methadone detoxification in our clinic. Ibogaine therapy for psychological addiction Stayed […]

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