Tramadol detox

Anesthesia assisted tramadol detox is only the initial step in recovery from tramadol addiction

Tramadol detoxTramadol detox is only the first step in recovery. Tramadol (publically perhaps better known as trodon) is a strong synthetically analgetic prescribed in case of strong pains after surgical interventions or various kinds of severe injuries, tumors or infarcts.

Unfortunately, this medicine belongs to a group of those often and gladly abused due to its main property of relieving pain. And since the pain is often common to various kinds of drugs, tramadol is a welcome «guest» in case the favorite drug is gone and unattainable.


Symptoms of Tramadol abuse

Symptoms of Tramadol abuse are similar to those regarding heroin consumation. The effects of tramadol are the following: strong euphoria, elevation and surge followed by excellent mood, talkativeness, unusual openness and honesty and hyperactivity because, since tramadol is basically analgetic that alleviates pain, its consumation in inadequate quantities leads to people being able to perform some extremely difficult tasks easily due to due to absence of pain and exhaustion. Another symptom of tramadol abuse is itching all over one’s body, so the person cannot help but scratch themselves, which is also characteristic for heroin users. Tramadol is popularly called „the truth drug“, for some of its effects are exaggerated honesty, openness, excessive communication that is way from normal, which is characteristic for extroverted people as well, even though they are normally pretty open and talkative.

Huge problem that we encounter is the fact that this strong and powerful drug can still be easily and illegally purchased on street, although its proscribed that it should be purchased with prescription only. For this reason the abuse of tramadol is quite common, and its effects are often increased by marijuana and alcohol, which are rather dangerous combinations for the physical and psychological health of the user. As with other narcotics, the abuse of tramadol after some time develops tolerance to certain doses and for reaching desired effects the increase of that dose is necessary. Typical tramadol addicts take up to 15 pills a day, but the addiction can be developed by consuming only 1-2 pills a day as well, which speaks a lot about how dangerous this drug is if taken inadequately. Moreover, as with other addiction inducing narcotics, the same is true for tramadol and the process of healing first acquires detoxification of body and then the appropriate psychotherapy that brings the patient back in tracks of normal functioning without recent artificial stimulation. One more important thing has to be stressed out regarding tramadol addiction can be developed completely by chance, without the intention to abuse the medicament, when the patient to whom it was prescribed starts taking it at the mere inkling of pain. In this manner, slowly and without being aware the patient can start using the medicine excessively and too often, even when it was prescribed with a valid reason. That is why we repeat that this medicament has to be taken exclusively with a prescription and consumed only under supervision of a doctor.

Tramadol detoxification center Dr Vorobiev

Tramadol detoxification consists of a period when the patient will, first, reduce the dose of medicament, so that in the end the desired goal of complete overcoming it would be attained. The usual duration of detoxification is between 5 to 7 days, and depends on the severity of the patient’s state and the duration of the drug abuse. Tramadol detoxification of organism causes physical and psychological crisis and the typical symptoms are depression and apathy. Without tramadol, the patient feels great insecurity and fear which leads to certain paranoid states, since the person by loosing the drug symbolically and literally looses its personality. What is dangerous with tramadol is that these symptoms of  downheartedness and depersonalisation can occur sporadically during the period up to a year after the discontinuation of taking the medicament. Thus, tramadol can be very dangerous and has severe consequences if abused. Regarding physical symptoms during the process of detoxification, they are most often manifested in form of strong pains in bones and muscles, tremor, throwing up, diarrhea, sweating, insomnia, anxiety and frequent colds. As with all the other drugs and opiates, for overcoming tramadol addiction, after physical cleansing of the organism long-termed working with the patient is necessary, for in this case as well, the biggest enemy to struggle with is the psyche.


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